Step AP 214 on import

I am a developer who is using the OpenCascade samples to test my file outputs to. Originally, I had an output to step AP 203 which I was under the assumption that OC wouldn't import (but in fact it does), then, it was suggested to me that AP 214 would be the proper format to use for OpenCascade to import. I have done this, found that my AP 214 output can be read by anything except OC (the import/export example wether MFC or Java, in both, I simply get "File import failed."). Is there an error log that can tell me what is wrong in the file that it won't import? Can someone please tell me if, in fact, OC CAN import AP 214? If it does, I have posted a simple 51k file of a cylindrical object -- perhaps I have something terribly wrong in this file at:
Thank you, R. Vince

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Hi Vince,

I got

STEP Files (*.stp *.step) All Files (*.*)
**** StepFile Error : At line 1215, parse error ****
**** StepFile Error : At line 1217, parse error ****
**** StepFile Error : At line 1218, parse error ****

on the console, which means


If I comment it out the import works but nothing is shown.


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Mr. Sadowski is completely right! The mentioned entities are incorrect and file is incompliant to STEP standard.

As we can see these entities contain 2 open brackets "(" and 3 close ones ")" while the number of open and close brackets should be equal. So, sending system creates incorrect file.

If you remove the extra ")" file will be translated.

As the neutral tool for STEP file checking we can recommend LV tool from

Best regards,
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Hod can you specify console output like this? I don't seem to be able to do this under Windows - is there something I am missing on how you were able to get that? THanks, R. Vince

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I don't know what't it called in english window, maybe Command Tool or something like that. It's the black window with the C:> prompt. You have to start the program from the command line to see any console output.