STEP Application Protocols (newby question)

Hello, All.

I'm wonder how OCC creates STEP files? Particulaly, where schema coming from?

I saw STEP data samples in data folder, both using FILE_SCHEMA(('AUTOMOTIVE_DESIGN_CC1 ..));
Is it possible (how?) to adopt another schema in order to read/write?
There are about 40 active schemas in the world for each aspect of AEC.


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Hi Gennady,

OCC supports (at least, writes) only AP203 and 214-compliant files. To change the target API use "write.step.schema" parameter with the Interface_Static class (see Data Exchange User's Guide for syntax). To get a list of possible values for write.step.schema, check DRAWEXE:
Draw> pload ALL
Draw> param write.step.schema
--- Type : Enum [1-4] 1:AP214CD 2:AP214DIS 3:AP203 4:AP214IS

Hope this helps.

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