STEP Entity ID


I have started a program that reads a STEP file into OCC, and allows selection, with the AIS libraries. It can select different edges and faces.

I can detect the selected faces/edges, and get a ToposDS_Shape object. How to I get the original STEP ID# of the face/edge, and other similar entities?

I thought that I could also perhaps find out where in the reader it converts the step object into the topos shape, and add entries to a hash map, that I can later use to retrieve the entity ID, but the STEP Reader classes are so complex, it is hard to trace where execution goes.

Note: By entity ID, I mean when the STEP file contains
I want to retrieve the number 1079.


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Perhaps I should clarify what I am trying to do. I am using OCC, and another library to manipulate STEP files. I will be creating additional objects which reference the geometric data. To do that, I need a "fix" on the geometric data, that the other library can understand.

One other thing which would be useful... is it possible to read/write data to an iostream/pipe/mailbox/memory in STEP format instead of a file?

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To get original STEP ID# use