Step export, additional coordinate systems for DIN4003

Hi everybody.

My goal is to make a valid DIN4003 step export of a milling tool.
The tool exists of one compound which holds 2 solid for CUT and NOCUT layers.
I implemented this via the TopoDS_Shape classes.
Both TopoDS_Shape and the step output works fine.

But to make it DIN4003 compliant i need to include some additional coordinate systems per compound.
Something like "Mounting Coordinate System" (MCS).
(The MCS is the reference point of the tool which gets mounted on a holder.)
It should be linked to the compound.
The coordinate system is represented by a AXIS2_PLACEMENT_3 entity

Here are my questions

1. How can i implement such a coordinate system and link it to the compound ?
2. How can i create Layers on which these coordinate systems ar placed on

Here the code which should be the final result.
I need to create the entity #1370 and #512 (I created those manually)

#512 = PRESENTATION_LAYER_ASSIGNMENT('Layer 66','visible',(#1370));




Many thanks for your help

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Hello Stefan,

You might probably try using XCAF document that would define a proper assembly structure,and the corersponding writing API (STEPCAFControl_Writer).

It might be also possible to write some specific code to achieve teh goal - please, contact us for an offer.

Best regards,

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thanks for the answer.

I already use those CAF classes and they produce a complete and valid assembly structure.

(Validated by various CAD/CAM systems)

I simply need to insert additional AXIS2_PLACEMENT_3 entities on specific layers.

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Yes, exactly, Stefan,

You need to write a specific code to properly insert additional entities into the model, and we can help you with that.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further proposals.

Best regards,

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