STEP file exported from Siemens NX shows missing data in OpenCascade

Hello Team, we are using OCCT data exchange platform for reading STEP file and extracting geometry based parameters.

But we have observed while working for NX exported any STEP file, OCCT shows missing data also shape profile are spread across multiple solids so it brings difficulties in getting correct solid shape. We have tried to heal but no luck in data healling using OCCT.

Please suggest solution as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

It is difficult to suggest anything without seeing sample STEP files and screenshots with defects. If you see a regular issue with exported STEP files, then it might be worth reporting an issue on Bugtracker with necessary details (sample files, screenshots of a valid file from original software, screenshots with issues, version of used software). One thing to check first is that the same software reads exported STEP file back correctly - otherwise, most likely exported STEP file is just broken.