Step file unit


I facing issue in writing step file with unit system. I use mm, m, cm it is working property, if i use FOOT then the step file is writing in default unit MM.

I using the following syntax to write the unit Interface_Static::SetCVal("write.step.unit", "FOOT");

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If you will grep OCCT source code or samples for "write.step.unit" you will see that there is no such unit as "FOOT":

    // unit: supposed to be cascade unit (target unit for reading)
    Interface_Static::Init("step","write.step.unit", 'e',"");
    Interface_Static::Init("step","write.step.unit",'&',"enum 1");
    Interface_Static::Init("step","write.step.unit",'&',"eval INCH");  // 1
    Interface_Static::Init("step","write.step.unit",'&',"eval MM");    // 2
    Interface_Static::Init("step","write.step.unit",'&',"eval ??");    // 3
    Interface_Static::Init("step","write.step.unit",'&',"eval FT");    // 4
    Interface_Static::Init("step","write.step.unit",'&',"eval MI");    // 5
    Interface_Static::Init("step","write.step.unit",'&',"eval M");     // 6
    Interface_Static::Init("step","write.step.unit",'&',"eval KM");    // 7
    Interface_Static::Init("step","write.step.unit",'&',"eval MIL");   // 8
    Interface_Static::Init("step","write.step.unit",'&',"eval UM");    // 9
    Interface_Static::Init("step","write.step.unit",'&',"eval CM");    //10
    Interface_Static::Init("step","write.step.unit",'&',"eval UIN");   //11
    Interface_Static::SetCVal ("write.step.unit","MM")