STEP format

I have compiled Open Cascade 4.0 MFC esample number 8 "08_SampleImportExport", when i try to import a STEP OR IGES file, the 3D Engine work correctly, but, when im try export every kind of type files in step format, the program visualizes the error messagge, "Writing has failed", Why? Can every one help me??

Thank for all.

Marco Lucchi , Italy

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Hey Marco,

You have to select the object in the view
and then export it to any file format u want.

If u dont select the object u will get the
error message u mentioned.


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I have the same problem, but selecting it is not the problem - not having it selected gives me a different error message (no objects selected or something similar).

I'm trying to convert the sample hammer.iges to hammer.stp, and no matter what I do it gives me the error "Writing has failed". I've been spending some time debugging this problem by tracing my way through the code and the seemingly infinite number of abstraction layers and DLL-files. Currently, I have not found the solution, but the problem seems to be related to a binder which is not found (don't exactly know what this is supposed to do, but I am assuming it is responsible for opening a file stream or something like that). This magic happens in the project TKXSBase, and the function "static IFSelect_ReturnStatus TransferFinder" in XSControl_Controller.cxx in ros/src/XSControl - (function FP->Find(mapper) returns null...). I haven't figured out why this is not working, as my head is starting to hurt badly now and need a break before continuing this debugging session.

I'm running this primarily on Windows XP, but I also tried it on Linux, but with no better results (the only difference is the error message, which says "translation is not complete"). I'm running the latest version as well.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated!