Step Import and Shape Healing problem


I have a STEP file which I need to import and which has self intersecting wires which lead to missing faces and an invalid shape. During import I get bunches of

Info: ShapeFix_Wire::FixLacking: Bending pcurves

with some

Cut Loop: params (4.02474, 4.02929) -> (4.02453, 4.0295)
Cut Loop: tol orig 1e-07, prec 0.02, new tol 0.000110754

later this leads to:

*** OpenGl_TelGetPolygonNormal.has found confused or aligned points

I get a hollow shell with some missing or invisible faces. What I would expect is a message about fixing self intersection. Is there a possibility to trace the conversion of certain topologies like faces during import?

Cheers, Torsten

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Oops wrong,

further investigation showed that the self intersecting wires are repaired by ShapeFix but I still have faces with intersecting wires which are found through Analysis but which are not corrected.
Has ShapeFix_Face problems with tangent wires?