STEP reader

Hi all,

I've got a problem using a
this reader doesn't contains methods from

But the first class herits from the second.
The same thing worked with IGESCAF and IGES reader...

What's worng ?

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after reading the hxx file file STEPCAFControl_Reader.hxx
there's no inheritance in this class.

class STEPCAFControl_Reader {

But ther's one in
class IGESCAFControl_Reader : public IGESControl_Reader {

BUT intt THE DOCUMENTATION HELP, it is said that
STEPCAFControl_reader herits STEPControl_reader...

What can I Do ???

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in fact, STEPCAFControl_Reader does not inherit from STEPControl_Reader but contains the last as a field.
Please consult the file STEPCAFControl_Reader.cdl - you can see the field myReader in the 'fields' section.
To access myReader, use methods STEPCAFControl_Reader::Reader().

We shall check and update the documentation if it does not match the actual inheritance. So thank you for your notice.