STEP validation properties


I'm trying to load the (geometric) validation properties associated to a STEP model (as1-oc-214.stp form with STEPCAFControl_Reader.

I made sure to call SetPropsMode(true) on the reader object, but at the end no validation properties were loaded.

After some debugging it appears that STEPConstruct_ValidationProps::LoadProps() checks for a property definition named "geometric_validation_property".

But in the as1-oc-214 STEP file the corresponding properties are named "geometric validation property" ie words separated by space instead of underscore :

#6265 = PROPERTY_DEFINITION('geometric validation property','volume', #741);
#6266 = REPRESENTATION('volume',(#6267),#735);

Could that be the issue ?


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Hello Hugues,

I confirm that the problem exists: indeed, the support of validation properties in OCCT is quite obsolete. It conforms to the very first recommended practices circa 1999, but not actual version (4.4 issued in 2016). In particular, names of the properties should not contain underscores.

This issue is registered now with id #29846. Your contribution is welcome!