STL-Export / Import


Unfortunatelly we have a big problem with the STL-export / import.
We can't load cadfiles in the stl-format, even the ones we loaded from a step file and saved them as an stl-file with OCC itself.
Everytime we load such a file, an exception is thrown:
reading ../data/test_models/sae-stufenheck.stl Type:3
start mesh
end mesh

*** Abort *** an exception was raised, but no catch was found.
... The exception is:0x540273 : Standard_OutOfRange:
TCollection_IndexedDataMap::FindFromKey[clemens@CLE bin]$

The exception is always from type "Standard_outOfRange".

Here is an excerpt from our sourcecode:

StlAPI_Reader reader;
reader.Read(m_shapeRoot, (char*)filename.c_str());

It's not very complex ;-) I can't see an error in these two lines.
"m_shapeRoot" has the type TopoDS_Shape.
As I mentioned before we have sucessfully used the step-import of OCC, but what the heck is going on with the STL stuff ?

Any help appreciated ...

With kind regards
Benjamin Jung

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Hello Benjamin,

Open CASCADE Technology open source provides rather limited capabilities to work with STL data. If you are looking for a professional solution, please pay your attention to our advanced components :

- Open CASCADE Mesh Framework (OMF)
This component provides a framework for working with mesh data, in particular it supports several formats to exchange mesh data including STL. Please see more details at

- Express Mesh (EM)
This component features an advanced algorithm of surface meshing which is necessary in the process of conversion of a topological model into a mesh model. Please see more details at

Best regards,
Forum Supervisor

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Hi Benjamin,

I was wondering if you ever solved the import problem. I am having the exact same problem. Here is the line I'm using to try and read in an stl file:

StlAPI::Read(stlshape, (char*)stlfile.c_str());

As far as I can tell, this should read the .stl file denoted by 'stlfile.c_str()' into the TopoDS_Shape 'stlshape'.