I apologise if this is a simple question: I have a surface outline in .STL format and I need to convert it to IGES format. I've been told opencascade can do this, but I can't find any information about how.

I'd appreciate any help

Thank you

Adam Gibson

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you can use :
RWStl to read your STL file ( take care, the vrsion in OpenCASCADE 4.0 official is bugged, you have to take the developpement version ).
You get a Handle+StlMesh_Mesh object containing the triangles.
the fastest and easiest way is the following:
Create an empty compound
loop on all the triangles
make a face with the 3 points of the triangle
Add the face to the compound
Here, the compound contains all the triangles of your mesh
Write the compound in an IGES file using the standard way as in the samples.