STL triangle mesh simplification

Hi,there. I am working on a model of processing STL data. I have a problem:
In order to show a stl surface rapidly, I need to decrease the number of triangle mesh .For example, I have a STL file which contains 1000 triangle meshes but I only want 500 triangle meshes. How can I do with this problem?
please help me!

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Hi, I have now the same problem. Is there a methode, that
use edge collpase for mesh simplification? Does somebody know
,if there is an example for that?

Thank you in advance

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OCC is oriented in dealing with BRep data ( higher order geometry ), so I guess best to look for something like VTK or meshlab, that are more oriented towards dealing with triangle soup.

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VTK would be the best solution, beacuse of the BSD license.
Thank you again

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