Strange behavior of V3d_view.TriedronDisplay

I want to create static(it is always in left bottom corner of view) trihedron in my View. I'm using TriedronDisplay() of V3d_view class. Everything is fine when im using

View.TriedronDisplay(Aspect_TypeOfTriedronPosition.Aspect_TOTP_LEFT_LOWER, Quantity_NameOfColor.Quantity_NOC_BLUE1, 0.2, V3d_TypeOfVisualization.V3d_WIREFRAME);

but when I'm displaying trihedron in mode V3d_ZBUFFER

View.TriedronDisplay(Aspect_TypeOfTriedronPosition.Aspect_TOTP_LEFT_LOWER, Quantity_NameOfColor.Quantity_NOC_BLUE1, 0.2, V3d_TypeOfVisualization.V3d_ZBUFFER );

Trihedron in zbuffer mode changes its placement always when Pan method is used. This problem does not occure when trihedron is in Wireframe mode. When i'm starting to pan view in way that makes trihedron to be close top left lower corner of my view trihedron is suddenly placed in lower left corner and it acts as Wirefreame trihedron. Is this some kind of OCC bug? Is there any other way to make static trihedron in V3d_View?

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Hi Marek,

Yes, this is an Open CASCADE bug, I also encountered with it when developing CAD Exchanger.
It has been fixed in 6.3.1 but if you don't have access to it, please check fix235 on

Good luck !

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Fotis and I spent some time on this problem with qtocc. You can see our final diffs here

but you will need to recompile TKOpenGl lib


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Roman - ya beat me by 10 mins!

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Thank You both. With Your help I was albe to fix trihedron display.