Stress contours display

I am working on a stress analysis software where Open CASCADE is used for the solid modelling. To display the analysis results I will need to plot some stress contours on the model. In the attached file I show a 2D example of stress results however I will need to display 3D results as well. I am new to Open CASCADE and would be very grateful to any advice about what would be the best way to display the contours. Thanks a lot.

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You can have a look of Salome.

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Thanks Zegesi, Venugopal and heXus for your answers.

- I have heard about Salome but never used it. Is it possible to point me to where to find this implementation in Salome? I have already all I need in OpenCASCADE the only thing which I am not sure how to do is this contour display. I just do not want to spend a lot of time with Salome when I only need to have one bit of it.

- Venugopal, I never used Vtk libraries before could you please tell me more about it?

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May be you already know, but how about tying OCC with Vtk libraries for visualization? just another idea.

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It is already implemented in SALOME (link above).

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Hello Sebastian,
we use Open Cascade for our in-house simulation software and we use it to display iso-candela image, which are image similar to the one you have attach.

For the 2D display, we implement a new AIS_InteractiveObject. The image is defined by a texture map applied to a plane (defined by 2 triangles), and we use an AIS_InteractiveContext to display the image, so all we have to do is implement this object and reuse Open Cascade for the other part (display, selection, panning,..., we block the rotation). The performance is excellent in this case.

For the 3D display, we implement another AIS_InteractiveObject. This object is a bunch of triangle of different color base on each pixel color. So again, all we have to do is implement this object and reuse Open Cascade for the other part (display, selection, panning, rotation...). The creation of the object and initial display performance is not that fast, but once it is created, the performance is acceptable. We have image between 32400 and 64800 pixels.

So using Open Cascade for what you want to do is possible for the 2D part, for the 3D it will depend on your image resolution I guess. And it will certainly be easier to do so if your are already using Open Cascade for your modeling part.

Good Luck,

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Thank you François,

The software I am working on is supposed to update the stress display as the model is being modified. Your approach sounds great if I would not have to change the display quite frequently. But anyway the idea sounds interesting I will try to investigate it.