Support reminder

Dear Open CASCADE users!

we appreciate very much your enthusiasm and your interest
about Open CASCADE which can be seen from your activity
on the forum, and we also notice the good level of
understanding Open CASCADE Community has reached since
we published our source codes.

However, our own engineers surely possess much deeper
knowledge of our software, and also of some more general
things you could be interested in like numerical methods,
application architecture etc.

Therefore we feel the necessity to remind you about our
Support services we offer on the paid basis. With our Support,
you can always count on the well timed highly professional
answers and solutions ready for immediate industrial use.
You may be sure that all your questions pending for weeks
on the forum may be answered by our experts in a few days,
or even hours.

Please take your time to study our offer
of the Support services available at

While you are not our client please note that our experts
can not answer every question you post on the forum.
Moreover this forum was designed mostly for live
communication between OCC community members.

Looking forward to meeting you,
Open CASCADE Support team.