Surface display by using thousands of color points

Dear All,

I have to dispaly a sphere surface with selected thousands of defferent color points. I have three problems about it:
1. Just diaplaying these points (ISession_Point) method, no entire surface can be obtained;
2. Using sphere surafce for each point (ISession_Surfce), the result is also not satisfied. If using shading mode for the small sshpere surface, the PC is hung;
3. I want to use the color from Blue to Red.It seems not easy to extrect them from the current 512 colors.

If you have expericens on this, please help me. I appreciate your help very much!

Best Regards

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Hi Chris,

The correct way to do this is to redefine Compute() method of your AIS_InteractiveObject subclass (or maybe AIS_Shape) and to use Graphic3d_VertexNC (or _VertexC) to encode color for each node. This will provide a shape where every triangle will use gradient filling using its vertex colors.
(Default shading presentation uses _VertexN where no color is assigned).

Hope this helps.
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