Surface Edge Tangency


I'm using Version 5.2 on Windows XP and I was wondering if it is possible to create surfaces with the start or end of the surface tangential to mating surfaces? Also, is it possible to set the end conditions to a specific tangency vector?

I've seen the PlateSurface in the GeomPlate package and I was wondering if this is the only option available.

Ideally I would like to be able to create a surface by lofting through some curves and then specify a final tangency direction.


Timo Roth's picture

I am also surching for this.

I have some 3D-points which I want to interpolate with a B-Spline-surface. This is possible with GeomAPI_PointsToBSplineSurface.

But how can I define tangents for the outer points of the surface?

At least for B-Spline-curves, it is possible to define tangents with GeomAPI_Interpolate.Load(). But I didn't find this possiblity for B-Spline-surfaces.

Is there a possibility to create a surface from B-Spline-curves?