Surfaces from Scattered Points

I have a need to reconstruct a solid from a cloud of points.
I only found small indication of that in the help:"
Open CASCADE can also provide a service known as Surfaces from Scattered Points (SSP). This allows to construct surfaces from scattered points. This algorithm accepts or constructs an initial B-Spline surface and looks for a its deformation (finite elements method) which would satisfy the constraints. Using optimized computation methods, this algorithm is able to construct a surface from more than 500 000 points."

Can anyone point to additional information other than that?
I've looked into the B-Spline material but it seems that this is only part of the algorithm and the FEM part is missing.
I found more in the web:
, but this is also general.

Where is the real stuff?

Examples would be most welcome.

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I think it is 'NOT OPEN' , u have to pay to OCC for
this module :)

- Prasad

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The component you talk about, you have to buy it from Open Cascade. But you could also use a component called GeomPlate (based on Plate) that can fit a NURBS through a series of scattered points, but you are limited to around 2000 points and it's not as fast as the SSP component, and the SSP component allow you to set a tolerance for each points (and many other options) which might be usefull, it all depends on your needs.

So if you want more information about the SSP component, ask Open Cascade, for the GeomPlate component, look at the manual and the GeomPlate.cdl files, this one is free and Open Source.

Good Luck,