suse 9.0

Hi all,

I am curious about that anyone using suse linux with occ 5.2? does it work ok?



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I am using suse 9.1. I still was not able to compile the whole library but the qt tutotial application compiled and worked quite well.
Good luck!

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Hi Martin,

I have gotten to the point where I can run the example with no problems now. have you tried to do some coding yet? are they working?


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I am on Debian, and also experienced problems when tryink to poke at the samples. I think the 'original' samples compile/work because we use the precompiled libs (both OCC and qt precompiled libs coming with OCC sources). But when going beyond those 'boundaries', all hell breaks loose. I wonder if the problem comes from using different compilers, or different compiler versions from the OCC libs'.

Hence, (this is actually a question), to make everythink work ok, we may need to actually recompile the OCC libs?
For example, I don't want to install TK on my system, so I linked against the TK lib coming with OCC (in 3dParty dir, I think), and that's when ... hit the fan :)
Attempting to rebuild OCC (using scons, since configure wants TK, and I won't install it :), but that's pretty involved.

Incidently, could someone who managed to compile OCC on linux send me the linking flags (compiling flags would be nice too). Many thanks in advance. This would save me from digging through the configure scripts, which is quite a pain.