Sweep a section between two spines


I try to find a solution to make a sweep between two spines. It should scale the section always in such a way that both spines are a border of the resulting shell. I thought BrepOffsetApi_MakePipeShell offers this functionality with its spine AuxiliarySpine mode. According to the documentation this mode should work: 

 If <KeepContact> equals BRepFill_ContactOnBorder: The auxiliary spine becomes a boundary of the swept surface and the width of section varies along the path

However, my test have shown that this is not the case. I reportet this in the bugtracker already: http://tracker.dev.opencascade.org/view.php?id=26295

Now the question: is there any other way to achieve the wanted behaviour? As the ticket seems not to be worked on an alternative approach could be sufficient for me too.


Thanks and kind regards,


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Hello Stefan,

I had a look on the brep files that you have attached to the issue on Manits. Is it intended that "profile2" is not connected to the section?


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Hello László,

Thanks for tacking a look. It is intended. I did understand the documentation that the profile gets scaled automaticly so that the section touches both profiles. Is this not the case, does it only work if the initial section is in contact with both profiles? So that the scaling takes only effect for the transformed sections along the sweep? Than I could try to do the initial scaling myself... worth a try!