sweep a vertex along a wire

How can I sweep a vertex (V) along a wire (Wire)in order to get a new wire (Wire_new). The vertex (V) may not be at the beginning of the wire (Wire).



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by sweeping a vertex along a wire...wouldn't you just get an identical (yet translated) wire?

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Hi Fabian:
Sorry for the confusion.
Attached please find the picture to show two examples.
V1 sweeps along Wire to result in Wire_new1. V2 sweeps along Wire to result in Wire_new2. For Wire_new1, it's the translation of Wire, but for Wire_new2, it is not.

Thanks again.

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You might want to look at Geom_OffsetCurve.

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Hi Sean,

A stupid method is to build a internal line segment edge by V2 and the nearst vertex in Wire. And use the line segment edge to sweep, finally get the outer boundary edge from the generated swept face.