tbbmalloc.dll not found??

tbbmalloc.dll not found?
after i download one and put into the bin folder, it shows that this is not working...?

Please help???

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Hi Wang Jun,
The environment variable TBBBIN defines location of the specified dll:
See env.bat file at the "...\ros" directory.

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Thanks sergey! I see.
When I run the batch file, the evn variables only work temporarily. If I want them working permanently, I have no choice but to set those variables manually, right???

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For sure it works in scope of the current command.
You may prepare your own script (which will call corresponding *.bat file defining environment variables) to run your sample. Or you may define it as permanent via Environment variables of "System properties" (My Computer / View system information / Advanced).

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Got it, thanks a lot!

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i have tried this, did not work.
i have copied and pasted in visual studio's debug folder, did not work.
i have tried regsvr32, it said "no entry point for dll".
i am using 6.5.1, the latest occ, could you advise some where to look at to find some true tbbmalloc.dll?

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You have this problem because you have probably compiled OCC in debug mode.
If you choose release mode and don't need tbb, then you will not have this problem any more.
Otherwise you can get tbb ( http://threadingbuildingblocks.org/ ), build it then get your missing library.

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I see tbb.dll + tbb_debug.dll. My project always requered tbb_debug.dll even project in release mode. How to compile OCC in release mode to avoid using tbb_debug.dll and use tbb.dll as default ?