Tcl problem with source

I am attempting to port all of OCC to Alpha/OSF1.
The problem is that the version of tcl I have is 8.0.2 which doesn't define Tcl_ExitProc. So I get the error identifier "Tcl_ExitProc" is undefined. Recently someone posted the statement that OCC will be using 8.2 in all releases in the future.
Does that apply here? I checked the CVS log for this particular file, and it has never been modified.
So what version of TCL should I be using?


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The previous version of CasCade was running on DEC-OSF with

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Jean Rahuel

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OK, found the problem. It was that I had the line -I/freeware/include in the cxx line two times. The second occurance removed the first. I now have this fixed and have compiled all the source on OSF1. The problem I now have is that WOK doesn't seem to work on any platform. I wonder if there is anyone out there (not at Matra) who has WOK working?

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I'm trying to work on it in Linux Redhat and in Windows 2000.

And I have a lot of error message.

I think that the problem could be solved if you (Matra) try to support the Tcl/Tk 8.2 instead of old version.