I would really like to be able to use tcl 8.3.x and not the old tcl 7.6.x. This is probably something that should have made it into the release of OpenCascade 4.0 since 7.6.x is old and most people are probably using the 8.3.x release of tcl.

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OpenCASCADE 4.0 use Tcl 8.3 . If you want to use a previous version of OpenCASCADE with Tcl 8.3, there is a FAQ on :

which explain how to do.

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> OpenCASCADE 4.0 use Tcl 8.3 .
I've installed the release of OpenCASCADE 4.0 and when I tried to start woksh.exe it complains that it can't find tcl76i.dll.

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I am in aggreement with this. In fact, It appears that many aspects of the release aspect could use some updating and common sense. The link to TclTk 7.6 doesn't even work anymore (the correct one is In fact, I noticed quite a few dead links on this web site. It doesn't give a person a very good impression about whether to invest their time for three days compiling a tone of source code... especially when they are just engineers or C programmers that anyway have no interest in learning yet ANOTHER language like TCLTK, just to get Cascade running.

Why does everyone have to re-invent the wheel here? It may be well worth this organizations web-space to make the Cascade binary releases available. The number of users would increase dramaticly. The only reason I even bothered trying to see if this over-20-meg COMPRESSED mass of source code even compiled was because I had the time. Very few people do.