TDataStd_Point question ???

Hi !

Both the integer and real attributes have array versions of their classes to support multiple values in one label, but there is no array version of TDataStd_Point class, shouldn't it be useful to be able to store multiple points in one label sometimes, or am I wrong here ?


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Hello Mikael!

There is no array for TDataStd_Point and others geometrical attributes (Plane, Axis) because these attributes quite different from TDataStd_Integer(Real) attributes. The geometrical attributes don't store geometrical datums in themself, instead when you set those attributes to label they created associated TNaming_NamedShape attribute to store data. So array for TDataStd_Point shold imply that there have to be several TNaming_NamedShape attributes under one label that isn't allowed by specification for labels.

To get datums from TDataStd_Point(Axis,..) use TDataStd_Geometry attribute.

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