tessellated solid to TopoDS_Shape

I need to perform boolean operations on tessellated solids. I am trying to convert each of the tessellated solids into  TopoDS_Shape(using BRepBuilder) and perform the boolean operations using opencascade(BRepAlgo_BooleanOperation). This works, but the process of constructing faces for each triangles and sewing them all together to get a Topo_DSShape is tooooo slow. Does anyone have  any idea regarding this? Is there a way to make this process faster or is there any other way to achieve what I am trying to do? Suggestions are welcome.


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Hello Jenisha,

Converting tessellated models to shapes and using “exact” Boolean Operations on them is not efficient. For such kind of objects and operations, we may offer specialized data structures and algorithms of our Mesh Framework component.

Please, contact us for more information about this SDK.

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