test harness examples of 'prj' 'cprj' 'nproject' commands


Anybody out there have working Test Harness example scripts for 'prj' 'cprj' and 'nproject' commands.

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- Prasad

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I can tell about prj and cprj commands.
They stand for cylindrical (prj) and conical (cprj) projections.
Both commands takes as input argument a first shape to project that can only be a TopoDS_Edge or a TopoDS_Wire and a second shape on which to project (TopoDS_Face, TopoDS_Shell, TopoDS_Compound, TopoDS_Solid) .

1. prj takes as additional input argument a direction (DX,DY,DZ) of cylindrical projection

2. cprj takes as additional input argument a point (X,Y,Z) which is the apex of a "cone". In fact this point will be used to build a swept surface with the input edge or wire.

So a script exemple could be:

circle c 5 5 15 2
mkedge e c
psphere p 5
ttranslate p 5 5 0
isos p 10
prj r e p 0 0 1
prj r2 e p 5 5 50

The results could one or several shapes named r_1 r_2 ... (see output in console window)

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Jean Michel