TestTopOpe.lib missing building wizard gen. prj


I've downloaded the 4.0 debug binaries along with the MFC Wizards. When trying to compile a project that was generated by the MFC Wizard I first got a missing opengl.lib (I just renamed my opengl32.lib to opengl.lib and it fixed that one) but now I get a cannot open file "TestTopOpe.lib"

I'm using Visual Studio 6.0 with SP4 on Windows 98 with all of the environment variables set (as far as I know anyway).

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


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Hi !

No, no, no !!!!

I think you need to Change back the name of opengl.lib to opengl32.lib, this is NOT file it is asking for, instead, change the opengl.lib reference in the project to TKOpenGL.lib, this is the file you should use. In Open cascade there is a file called opengl.lib that has nothing to do with opengl32.lib, but in version 4 this file is renamed to TKOpenGL.lib.

I am not sure why you get the other error though.


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Yeah figured that out (Thanks though).

In the end I ended up grabbing the version 3.0 libraries but now I'm having problems with this. 8-(

I'm getting the Fatal Error Initializing Graphics problem but I've read the FAQ forward and back 10 times have re-booted at least that many times and think I have everything setup properly but no joy.

I'm running Win98 and my Cascade is installed in c:\cas3.0

Here's what's in my autoexec.bat

SET CSF_GRAPHICSHR=c:\cas3.0\windows_nt\dll\OpenGl.dll SET MMGT_CLEAR=1 SET CSF_MDTVFONTDIRECTORY=c:\cas3.0\src\FontMFT\ SET CSF_MDTVTEXTURESDIRECTORY=c:\cas3.0\src\Textures\ SET CSF_UNITSDEFINITION=c:\cas3.0\src\UnitsAPI\Units.dat SET CSF_UNITSLEXICON=c:\cas3.0\src\UnitsAPI\LexiExpr.dat SET PATH=c:\Cas3.0\Windows_NT\dll;c:\cas3.0\Windows_NT\dlld;c:\cas3.0\windows_nt\bind;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND;" ";" "

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

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Strike that. Had the debug binaries and put dll instead of dlld in the CSF_GRAPHICSHR setting...one of those days I suppose. :(