Text size on datum display

I was trying to make a class to display a coordinate system (datum) using DsgPrs_DatumPrs. In the process, I wanted to make the text labels on the axes ("X", "Y", and "Z") smaller than the default text. So, I set the height in the text aspect to a smaller value. This had no effect.

After looking at the source code, I see that there is an ifdef in Prs3d_Datum.gxx. If IMP120100 is set, it does what I want. Otherwise, the text height is hard coded to 1/81. Why is this? What is this IMP120100? I'm using the standard build of OCC on win32 and would rather not rebuild with this set for fear of what else it would effect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Right now, I am planning on making my own class that does exactly what the cascade class should do.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Rob,

I would suggest deriving a class from DsgPrs_DatumPrs. Overwrite the method with the IMP (sounds like "improvement"?) should do the same...
Its the easiest way without recompiling OCC.