Is there an example programmed with tcltk ?

I'd like to find a complete example of a very simple (or less simple, if a small one does not exist) of an application using OC classes, but programmed with tcltk.

First i'll try to build a simple shape (sphere or cube...well I guess sphere is easier) and try to display it.

I've got a few weeks to find how hard it is to program using opencascade, and what we can do with it, then create a very simple tutorial in French telling "how to" build simply a little program using opencascade.

If you've got any information about something that could help me in particular, just tell me...i've read a bit through helps and tutorials available but I found nothing for such a OC newbie I am.

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Didn't you use the Test Harness called Draw or AISViewer ?

Draw uses tcl/tk and the definition of the menus are in the file caled "DrawTK.tcl" in /src/drawressources.

You should try it !

In the directory ..../doc, you can find thug31.pdf, it means Test Harness User's Guide (for OpenCASCADE 3.1).

Everything in explained in it ...

Good luck !

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There was/is a gui builder for tk/tcl call vtcl/visual-tcl. i've played with it and had intended to try what you are suggesting. but like so many times before i have very limited time and an even shorter attention span. i originally found it on a link from , but the current home seems to be:

hope that helps