Is there something like a Geom_TrimmedSurface?

On the topological level I think I can create a trimmed face with BRepBuilderAPI_MakeFace(const TopoDS_Face &F, const TopoDS_Wire &W).
I wonder if there is something equivalent for geometry, i.e. a "Geom_TrimmedSurface".
There are _bounded_ surfaces, which are resticted to a rectangular piece in u,v space but I can't find anything with a general boundary in u,v. Do I miss something or is this so by design?
Many thanx, Dietmar

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Geom_RectangularTrimmedSurface is what you would use. Contradictory to what the name suggests, it is not limited to rectangular patches. The term Rectangular actually means it is trimmed in a rectangular uv map and not referring to a rectangular flat patch.

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Hi Sharjith,
Thank you for the hint but as you pointed out this class deals with u,v-rectangular patches. I am looking for something more fancy: I would like to trim a Geom_Surface with e.g. a Geom2d_Curve, the two dimensions being u and v of the surface.