To those who succesfully compiled a project

Hello i am trying to compile the following project : 01_1_Sample2DBasic that corresponds to the following file Vol2_01_1_Sample2DBasic.bat I just can't figure out how to set the libs and include in the Visual studio. When i read the bat file I simply can't get it. I don't understand it, because when i make a search on my computer for some included files, i simply don't find them. If any one succeeded passing through this obstacle i would be really grateful to him if he could help me. Thank you folks

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Did you well install the PR3 binariy and sources version ?

the include are located in ..\binary\CAS3.0\Windows_NT\inc

the lib files are located in ..\source\CAS3.0\lib

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To configure the path : meny Tools>Options, then choose Directories tab...