TKDraw Error when building Opencascade

My components are:
Opencascade 7.8.0; cmake 3.27.4; visual stdio 2022; win11; 3rdparty components are freeimage-3.17.0-vc14-64, freetype-2.5.5-vc14-64 and tcltk-86-32; qt version is 5.15.2;
My cmake successed. but when I use vs to buid the projects, all of them succeed except TKDraw; More information please see the pics following;
How can I solve this problem?Thanks very much.

Dmitrii Pasukhin's picture

Hello, looks like you are using TCL/TK for x32 system. Please use 3rd party from release page:

Best regards, Dmitrii 

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Problems have been solved! thanks!