TKernel.lib on 6.8.0


My program compiled on OCCT 6.7.9 but is not longer doing so on 6.8.0. I succesfully compiled the new version on my Win8.1 64-bit system, with Draw working well.
The error I am getting is the following=> error LNK 1104: cannot open file 'TKernel.lib'. I searched for this file, and found it only on the Win32 (pre-compiled) version, that is, there is no TKernel.lib on the win64 files.
Before getting that problem, my program would not compile because Graphic3D.hxx could not be found, so after reading the release notes I made the following change:

From this:

Create a Graphic Driver from the default Aspect_DisplayConnection
Handle(Aspect_DisplayConnection) aDisplayConnection;
Handle(Graphic3d_GraphicDriver) myGraphicDriver = Graphic3d::InitGraphicDriver(aDisplayConnection);

To this:


Handle(Aspect_DisplayConnection) aDisplayConnection = new Aspect_DisplayConnection();
Handle(OpenGl_GraphicDriver) myGraphicDriver = new OpenGl_GraphicDriver(aDisplayConnection);

It was after that change that I got the TKernel.lib problem.
Anything you guys have to offer is appreciated.


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Turns out I was doing a few things wrong, and I actually did not build OCCT 6.8.0 succesfully at all. But now I think I am on the right track: the problem was caused by environment variables that I forgot to update.
Now I have another problem: the compiler insists on including VTK files even though I set the HAVE_VTK flag as false at custom.bat, being careful to save after. Since I did not install VTK, the procedure obviously fails (which is sadly only verified at the near end of compiling).
Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance,

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If you do not need VTK integration, just exclude projects TKIVtk and TKIVtkDraw from build (or remove them from solution).

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Hello Andrey,

Thank you for the reply. I will try just that, though I am wondering why setting the flag as false works for other optional third-party content and not for VTK.


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I followed your suggestion and it worked. Thanks you for the help!