Hi All,

following the OCAF example (that came with OCC installation) I've found the following code, in TOcafFunction_CutDriver::Execute

TNaming_Builder B(Label());
B.Modify( OriginalShape, ResultShape);

Will it update Label()? That's the Label() from TFunction_Driver.
How should I do to update the _doc->Main() label? I tried to use _doc->Main() instead of Label(), but the _doc->Main() shape is replaced by the ResultShape.
How should I proceed?

Thank you in Advance

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My advice would be to use the GEOM project ( have a look at the work Fotis did! ).
This wraps and abstract most of the work dealing with the labels, if your interested in parametric geometry, I would suggest you look into it.


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Hi jelle,

thank you for your question! GEOM project of SALOME? Or is it another one?


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just correcting my last post... "thank you for your answer"

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I took a look at SALOME-GEOM source code and I was not able to find the update process of the shape that was linked to main label in document.

Some Advice?