TNaming_Selector - weird behaviour


I have just noticed a strange behaviour of TNaming_Selector. Please consider the following:

- create 2 boxes
- fuse the 2 boxes
- create a fillet at 2 of the edges of the fused structure (snapshot attached)

I use TNaming_Builder::Generate(someShape) to name the each box and their faces and TNaming_Builder::Generate(oldShape,newShape), TNaming_Builder::Modify(oldShape,newShape) to name the generated and modified shapes by the BOP and fillet algorithms. I also use TNaming_Selector to select some faces of the final structure.

Now, TNaming_Selector::Solve() works just fine if the selected face has been named via TNaming_Builder::Generated() (both versions). However, TNaming_Selector::Solve() fails if the selected face is a modification of some previous face (i.e. it is named by TNaming_Builder::Modify()). In turn, if I name the modified faces with TNaming_Builder::Generated() TNaming_Selector::Solve() works just fine.

Did anyone experience snything similar or knows what's happening?


Valeriu Catina

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Dear Valeriu,
The result depends on how you put as last result (result of BOP)
as results of previous operations (Box) in the document.
Structure of each entity is important.
See chapter "5. OCAF Shape Attributes" of OCAF User's Guide.
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