TNT2/OpenGL/Linux/OC ?

Hi !

As older messages say, I have to recompile Open Cascade if I would like to use for example nVIDIA accelerated OpenGL on Linux, but is it enough to recompile it or do I have to make any changes to the source code first ?, and in that case what ?

What libraries do I have to recompile, or do I have to recompile everything ?


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Well, I have done it for a Geforce256. You'all have to install mesa first to have de Gl headers. Then, remove any libGL* from /usr/lib or /usr/X11R6/lib. Install Xfree 4.01 and NVIDIA optimized drivers. At last, recompile the source. - if you have Cascade 3.0, don't forget to replace -lMesaGl and -lMesaGLU by -lGL and -lGLU (use treplace MesaGL GL *.lnk)

- if you have downloaded from CVS, no need to change the scripts.

Be aware that the Java samples don't work with Mesa > 3.0 or NVidia drivers. BTW, for my own application, I have to do the Cascade initialisation after all the QT application is drawn. If I initilaize the Casacade window during the interface building, I get a crash...