TopExp_Explorer question/problem ???

Hi !

I have a problem on Linux, the code below works fine on Windows but crashes on Linux in:

Handle_Standard_Transient::BeginScope( valid_ptr) if( entity != UndefinedHandleAddress) enity->count++;

Note: entity->count is zero (0)

I have not much debug info but it carshes in the TopExp_Explorer::Init() method

Backtrace: Handle_Standard_Transient::BeginScope( a pointer) Handle_Standard_Transient::Assign( a pointer) Handle_TopoDS_TShape::operator=() TopoDS_Shape::operator=() TopExp_Explorer::Init() ...

The code looks like this:

BRepPrimAPI_MakeSphere s( pos, radius); TopExp_Explorer ex;

for( ex.Init( s, TopAbs_EDGE); ex.More(); ex.Next() // crash {

rest of my code }

Any ideas any one ? As I said, this works fine on Windows but not on Linux.


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Hi !

Sorry, I guess this was a bit to late in the evening, it was me being stupid, everything works fine now.