ToPixMap problem

Hi, can anybody help me !?

I'm use next function for saving my Image, but only black screen in all formats that I'm select.

Handle_Aspect_PixMap pixMap;
pixMap = myView->ToPixMap( 1280, 1024);
pixMap->Dump( theFile );

main OS: Debian, qt 4.5.2

But if I'm use myView->Dump(theFile) it's working with lower quality. No dimension are visible...

Thanks for your answer !

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I used similar code, and it worked for me all the time. I'm working on Windows XP, maybe there is an issue with the Linux graphics with PixMap. ToPixMap takes a 3rd parameter ( pixel depth? ) that defaults to 24. You might want to try some different values for that to see if it makes a difference.

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ok, many thanks. Now I'm try to use :

myView->Dump(theFile,Aspect_FOSP_A4 ); And this don't work to . But without Aspect_FOSP_A4 it's work ....

I want to ask, how I can get file with format like WMF or EMF. I'm want to use my picture in MS Access Runtime and there There is nothing better that WMF.

But also I can't open PS format. Maybe this format scaled? or it of the same poor quality?
Many thanks for you help.

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There any problem with V3d_View::ToPixMap

glXMakeCurrent failed: 0 no error

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And what the PS format??? I can't open It for two days.

Also, I want to ask, maybe I can use wine library for convert.

pstoedit can't open this PS format.