I have two faces with essentially same surfaces (coincident surfaces). However, TopOpeBRep_FaceIntersector fails to identify that these surfaces are tangent. These surfaces are bspline surfaces. It finds the overlapping triangles, but classifies it as a non-tangent non-intersecting surfaces.

This is a bug.

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Further to my earlier issue. I found that analytical (implicit surfaces) are handled well, however the bspline surfaces are not handled correctly for there coincidence.

I am using TopOpeBRep_ShapeIntersector, which in turn calls TopOpeBRep_FaceIntersector.

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Dear Yogesh,
If you have confidence that it is a bug
you are welcome to register it in Mantis BugTracker
which is available via the Collaborative portal -
Don't forget to attach the shapes allowing reproduce the case.

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Will try to create a test case.

Also looking for an alternative here.