TransferBRep_Analyzer.hxx doesn't seem to be present on my installation

After using the OpenCascade appwizard on Win2k VC++ SP5 and setting the option for IGES Import/Export in the wizard the compiler reports that the following,

..\stdafx.h(217) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'TransferBRep_Analyzer.hxx': No such file or directory

This include file is being called from stdafx.h as part of the 'specific IGES, STEP or DXF' entries generated by the wizard. A file search for the file on my system does indeed conclude that this external dependancy does not exist...

Anybody got any suggestions? maybe the file is missing from the OpenCasade win32 distribution and if so can someone send be a copy?


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This seems to be a bug left in the Wizard. The class has been phased out in 5.x.


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Thanx, that answers that then!!! I wandered why the Import/Export demo was structured differently than the wizard generated code....

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Have u solved the problem! Do u know where can i find TransferBRep_Analyzer.hxx file. It would be nice if i get that file soon.

Thanks in advance

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just remove the line which includes "TransferBRep_Analyzer.hxx".