TransferRoot crash


I'm having some issues loading a STEP file with OC 7.3.0. My program crashes
when calling TransferRoot().

In debug mode, I get a "Fail : Exeption is raised" message, and the program
aborts with no crash, but nothing gets loaded.

In release mode, however, the STEP file does load on the first try, but
the program later crashes after loading the same STEP file 2-3 times in
re-entrant succession. And if the program doesn't crash, it usually hangs
after calling TransferRoot().

All other STEP files I tested work ok.

Messages in Debug mode:

****** Transferring one Entity ******
****** N0 in file : 4791 Ident : #1156 ******
****** Type : PRODUCT_DEFINITION ******
-- Actor : Transfer Ent.n0 4791 Type StepBasic_ProductDefinition
-- Actor : case ShapeRepr. NbItems=1
Cc1ToTopoDS : Length Unit = 25.4 Tolerance CASCADE = 2.54e-05
-- Actor, shape_representation.item n0. 1
-- Actor : Transfer Ent.n0 12 Type StepShape_FacetedBrep
Begin transfer STEP -> CASCADE, Type StepShape_FacetedBrep
Entity #2049
--> Fail : Exeption is raised. Entity was not translated.
Entity #1156
--- Result Type : TopoDS_Compound
Entity #1156
--- Result Type : TopoDS_Compound

My question is, is there some way I can detect or avoid this exception in
Release mode, so my program doesn't crash? In other words, are there any
safeguards when calling TransferRoot()? I obviously don't want to use
debug mode binaries for production.

I'm compiling opencascade-7.3.0 with Visual Studio 2015 C++, on Windows 7, 64-bit.

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Dear Glenn,

You can register the correspondent issue with attached STEP file on OCCT Mantis Bugtracker that is available via the Collaborative portal - .
If the problem is urgent or your STEP file is quite confidential you may contact us via the Contact Form .


Best regards,
Forum supervisor