Transform an STL Mesh


I have an STL file that I read into OCCT using RWSTL::ReadFile(). The output is Poly_Triangulation data structure. I want to be able to rotate the mesh about my custom axis. For TopoDS_Shape type we have BRepBuilderAPI_Transform but I could not find a way to transform the STL mesh - in "Poly_Triangulation" or any other format. Please suggest.

Also, is there a way to obtain a section of the STL mesh sliced by a plane, with knowledge of what part of the section is "inside of the solid geometry" and what parts or loops of sections are "outside of the solid geometry"?

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Hello Archak, as an idea:
const TColgp_Array1OfPnt& aNodes = aTriangulation->Nodes();
for (auto& n : aNodes)