Tree view under QT (windows)

I work with the Import/export application in QT under windows os and I want to add a tree view to my application how do I made that....where to read or if you could please give me an example...

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If all you are looking for is the Qt information...
If I am looking at the same sample application as you, the
QMainWindow in Application.cpp contains a VBox as its central
widget. I would change this to a QSplitter (using the default
horizontal orientation). Then, the first child of the splitter
would be a QListView. This is your tree. The second child
would be the existing QWorkspace. See the Qt help for additional

Hopefully, that's the information you needed. Good luck.

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You can see also FreeCAD. it is based on Qt and contains a tree.

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I made the tree view but how could I populate it with entities from my view??? (I work under qt on Import/Export application)...