Triangle mesh manipulation

Dear OpenCASCADE users:

I am working on surface triangle mesh manipulation (but not BRep or implicit functions) prior to mesh generation for CFD simulations. I would like to ask you for some information about your software.

I am interested in triangle mesh:

- Laplacian smoothing
- Non shrinking smoothing
- Mesh optimization (volume preserving)
- Mesh subdivision/refinement

Playing a bit with your examples it seems to me that this toolkit is focused on surfaces represented with BRep or implicit functions but not on triangle meshes.

I downloaded your source files trying to get more information browsing the code. But still it is not clear to me if these operations are available and where. My questions are:

1) Does Open CASCADE provide these operations directly on triangle meshes?
2) If so, could you give me some hints about where they are within the source code? Is there any documentation available?
4) If not, do you know one open source LGPL package offering them?

Thanks in advance. Best regards:

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I am not just an OCC newbie,

I think that salome will be interesting www.

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There is a Triangle mesh generator in OCC. But it is a Delaunay for rendering model. Other meshers are OCC's services.