Triangle vertex


I have a TopoDS_Face which I made with the BRepBuilderAPI_MakePolygon.Its always a triangle. Later I need the XYZ values from the 3 points inside the face. If I use TopExp_Explorer casVertexExplorer(casFace , TopAbs_VERTEX) I get 6 points. Thats not what I want but its reasonable.

Now my question: Will I always get the vertex in this order 122331? Than I can dump the double points... Or better: Is there the possibility to get only the three original vertex and not the vertex by edges?

Regards Simon

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Hi Simon,

I also faced this issue with pythonOCC. This is how I fixed it: the Handle_Standard_Transient class (and all classes that inherit from it) has a method named HashCode (have a look to Handle_Standard_Transient.hxx). It returns an integer which actually is the (u)id of the object.

In your TopExp_Explorer loop, you can add a check over the hashcode to see if the current TopAbs_Vertex was already returned. At the end of the loop, you should only get the 3 vertices of the face.



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Thanks! This is very handy, also in other situations!