TrihedronDisplay in V3d_WIREFRAME mode, problem resolved

I have also seen in previous posts that the view trihedron in V3d_WIREFRAME mode
changes colors depending on the state of the view.This behaviour can be easily
corrected by altering call_triedron_redraw function in OpenGl_triedron.c of TKOpengl.
The only change needed is to erase the LightOff() function that is called before the
Axis name drawing and move this function call just before the initial axis drawing.
Below is the code portion with the modification.I don't know if this is considered to
be a bug but anyway i believe it might help some of you out there.

glLineWidth (TriedronWidth);
//change start
LightOff(); //This is the new call
//change stop

/* dessin des axes */
glVertex3dv( TriedronOrigin );
glVertex3dv( TriedronAxeX );

Sioutis Fotis

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Excellent workout!

N. Sharjith

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Hello Nair

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