Trim a Plane

Hi all,

I'd like to create a Geom_TrimmedSurface from a Geom_Plane. The Geom_Plane is the underlying Shape to a TopoDS_Face belonging to a box. It must have bounding parameters associated with it somewhere, how do I retrieve them? I'd like to create an Adaptor3d_Surface from the trimmed surface and work with that in a generic manner. I guess this isn't a problem with other parametric surfaces, but planes seem to be a bit different here.

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Please try the following code.

TopoDS_Face planeFace = ...;

UVBounds(planeFace, u1, u2, v1, v2);

Handle(Geom_RectangularTrimmedSurface) RTS =
new Geom_RectangularTrimmedSurface ( BRep_Tool::Surface(planeFace), u1, u2, v1, v2);

G.P. Sun