Trimmed curve periodicity


Just found this:

Standard_Boolean Geom_TrimmedCurve::IsPeriodic () const
//return basisCurve->IsPeriodic();
return Standard_False;

What is the reason for that implementation? Shouldn't it

return basisCurve->IsPeriodic() && uTrim1 == basisCurve->FirstParameter() && uTrim2 == basisCurve->LastParameter();


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Rather this:

return basisCurve->IsPeriodic() && Abs (uTrim2 - uTrim1 - Period()) < Precision::PConfusion();

to account for trims not aligned with natural bounds but still taking entire period.

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Yes. :)

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@OpenCASCADE team: isn't this a major issue? This could cause really strange bugs in my opinion, any comments on this? Or do I misunderstand something?